Friday, February 17, 2012

Apple Pieces of You - SOLD

Well it's late and I just finished. At one point the painting fell off the easel into my lap and at another point I had to install a new light to eliminate glare. Combined with all the color correction and shooting I did of my existing photos earlier made for a long night..Tonight required a little Jimmy Eat World and Goldfinger to stay awake. It worked but now I'm ready to crash.
This piece was inspired /sort of commissioned by a friend so I worked some symbolism into the painting. But the interpretation would be hard to guess. What symbolism do you see? Extra points given to obscure references to mid-evil art in your interpretation!


Blake said...

Looks awesome bro! Sounds like you had some great tunes to help you out. Sorry can't come up with any obscure references for you.

Trevor Howard said...

Brother Blake - always good to hear from you. I had someone ask me what's Jimmy Eat World? But I know, you know that I'm listening to music.