Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fire Roasted

Well, I decided to paint these peppers again. The colors aren't too bad, but the colors in the photo are off just like most of the photos and there is a glare. I need to find some time and take pictures during the day, but with my schedule and the sun going down so early it's difficult. For awhile they weren't working, but then i turned off the TV and what'd ya know they started to come together. It's funny how depending on the task I can watch a show and paint at the same time, but other times not at all. I find that I miss alot of the show - I'm more listening than watching. 

Anyhow, nice little painting. The underpainting is a purple and half way through I was tempted to change the background color - they were working well with the underpainting. Perhaps I'll have to paint them yet again! Stay tuned..

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