Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello World

Here's a new photo taken under natural light.
This one was taken late at night in my studio.
This lone tulip was a pretty good subject - didn't quite hold still, but she did okay. The longer I painted the more the flower opened up, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. I feel that I got the values correct and everything fell into place. It reminds me of a Paul Mann painting the way he only uses 3 values when he paints for magazines. I like the fact that I was able to nail the values and keep my brush strokes clean. Sorry about the glare and the bad lighting, but one of these days I'll get a photo cube and hopefully eliminate that problem. Until then I'll just wait til I have good daylight and re-shoot. It may take several days - we have snow forecasted for most of this week.

I'm not thinking of any good titles so please help me name this one... please post your suggestions.


Julie Olson said...

"Two Lips" (if there were 2 of them)....hmmmm.
It kind of appears to be unwrapping itself, you could call it "Unwrapped". It also appears to be bowing graciously so something to do with that?

I can't wait to frame the ones I bought. Keep up the good work!

Trevor Howard said...

The title - Hello World was along those same lines Julie - a new birth, but I like "unwrapped"!

I'm glad you like your paintings. You being an artist, I thought you might see them and not like them in person. Can't wait to see how you frame them. Send me a picture if you think about it.

Brett & Sari said...

Hey, Trevor! How much for this one!? I LOVE Tulips!

Trevor Howard said...

@Sari Like I said on FB... I'm not sure what my plans are for these tulip series paintings. I may be framing these tulips together and entering them in a show in April. I'll keep you posted.