Wednesday, March 28, 2012


These apples were fun to paint. A little on the high-key side of things, but I feel that I have enough contrast that it works. The title was inspired by the old English punishment of hanging, drawing and quartering people found guilty of high treason. The offender was hanged, but not killed mind you, then emasculated, - Ouch! and then disemboweled, then beheaded and then chopped into four pieces. Their remains were either put on display or cremated and then scattered to the four corners of the country. This is the fate that faced our forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence and probably the same fate awaited one of my grandfathers if he were caught - Francis Marion (AKA Swamp Fox) who fought in the American Revolution.

On a happier less gruesome note - here's my palette that my brother gave me years ago. It's finally getting some good use. Perhaps I may need to get a new one soon - luckily he gave me 10 of them! I think he said he found them in his garage and they were slated for the trash bin. Thanks Dr. Blake!

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