Friday, April 6, 2012

Orange Slices Reflecting

So this week was a bad week for painting. I was getting work ready for a show, had a friend call to go paragliding, I was ramping up my running schedule, and the list of excuses goes on... However, I did manage to paint this one. I wasn't sure how to tackle the bottle - they're always so tricky, but I managed to pull it off with a minimum of brush strokes which I like. There were more highlights in the glass than I painted, but I think it's pretty convincing. 

Also I should comment that I'm going to be posting less artwork. In the past I've posted some pictures to be honest that should have been wiped. I know it's cliche but good art does take time and I'm going to start taking more time with the compositions and the painting of future work. And if it doesn't turn out, I'm not going to post it. This summer I'll have a bonfire of bad paintings!

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